The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 1

The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 1: Building a Stand-Out Resume


 Who is the Candidate Training for?

Any job seeker – from new grad to seasoned professional. We cover the most important concepts and ideas that are common to all job seekers, with some specifics built in to address where there are differences.

 How does the Candidate Training work?

We know life gets busy, so we designed a self-serve e-learning program that allows you to fit it into your life on your terms. You have the flexibility to:

  • do it when you have time
  • go at your own pace
  • go to the sections that are most meaningful or interesting to you
  • go back to any part at any time to reinforce and review

Each training module or topic outlines and explores the key concepts and asks you to engage with that learning in practical ways as it applies to YOU. Doing the exercises and integrating that learning is the way you will get the most value out of this program.

 What do I need to be successful with the Candidate Training?

Getting the most out of this training requires:

  • discipline: set aside dedicated time to focus on the training (a quiet, uninterrupted space is best)
  • responsibility: do all the practical application exercises (we learn best by doing)
  • engagement: with others around you, work on these topics (get input and feedback, and discuss or question things along the way)

There’s no way around the work that is required to be successful in a job search. What we know, is that when you invest time up front in the process, you generally see better results down the line.

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Here’s to your investment in YOU!


Joel Peterson

Founder, Arbutus Search Group