The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 3: LinkedIn Profile Review

3 people are hired every minute on LinkedIn

Celebrating its 18th birthday in 2021, LinkedIn has since grown to become one of the world’s largest social networking platforms, and the largest business-centric platform at 738 million members. As an entirely virtual platform, LinkedIn’s impact on job seekers has substantially grown in the past year and has been a go-to-source to support those struggling to find employment.

Statistics on LinkedIn Usage (2021)

Though it’s important to know that there’s a vast quantity of jobs available for active job seekers on LinkedIn. The real question remains: Is your profile and applications being noticed by the right people? When compared to other major social networking platforms, LinkedIn tops the list by a large margin, with 87% of recruiters finding LinkedIn as the most effective platform to find and screen candidates during the hiring process.

Recruiters Rankings for Social Networking Platforms Relevant to Evaluate Candidates (2016)

Where traditionally a resume and cover letter was all that was expected when applying for a job, leaving a digital footprint through avenues like online portfolios, websites, social media accounts, and LinkedIn are commonplace and expected. With such a large majority of recruiters screening applicants using LinkedIn to determine who to move onto the next stage, it’s worthwhile to put in the same time and effort to make a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. But what does ‘well-crafted’ exactly mean?


The ‘LinkedIn Profile Review’ module of the Arbutus Candidate Training Program covers:

  1. Building your personal brand to highlight what unique value you have to offer
  2. How to evaluate your online presence to identify gaps
  3. How do develop your LinkedIn profile so it stands out from others in your field
  4. Which LinkedIn tools are most effective to ensure your profile gets noticed

There’s multiple benefits to creating a profile that you’re proud of. Recruiters and prospective employers will notice you. They’ll have more data to assess your fit for their job and company, and they’ll be able to see your personality shine through without having talked to you. Learn these tips and tricks and so much more by clicking on the link below.