Our Services

We Find the Right People for the Job

What We Do

We have a wide and unique network to find you the right people for your roles. We offer a variety of search approaches to build a qualified pipeline of talented and skilled people in a short time frame and we will flex to suit your needs.

Monthly Retainer

Our recruitment team will work as an extension of your internal resources and supply you with a pipeline of pre-screened candidates to interview. Whether you have an existing Recruitment team or not, this service allows you to outsource the recruitment function to a team of highly skilled agency recruiters who also have experience working in-house on larger Corporate HR teams bringing a unique hybrid set of skills to attract, screen, and validate candidates against your company’s specific needs and requirements.

Retained Search

Unique skill sets that are hard to find are our specialty. Let us help by leading a full service search for a specific and unique skill set using our network and beyond.

This option allows you to sit back while we take care of everything from marketing the role, headhunting, networking, and even targeting specific industries before coming back to you with a qualified list of professionals.

Hourly Recruitment Services – À la carte

This service allows you to select the recruitment functions that are most relevant to your needs and only pay for what you want.

• Candidate Sourcing and Name Generation
• Candidate Headhunting and Pitch Calls
• Candidate Screening

This is perfect for you if your team is overwhelmed with the volume of roles to fill or you have an important role that needs a rock star candidate but you simply don’t have the time or the experience on your team to deliver the candidates you need to fill it.

With hourly services there is full transparency regarding every candidate and the process so that you can report back to your leadership team on the progress you are making and the results you are getting. This is also a great way to get some short term support in your recruitment process or get consultation on how to build your own talent strategy.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment branding tells the story of your culture and corporate brand to potential candidates. Let’s talk about how to best communicate your unique culture, rewards and benefits to build a world class Employee Value Proposition that attracts the top talent in the market.

Our Process

Regardless of the type of support you’re looking for we have extensive knowledge that ensures you get what you want and we understand your needs fully.

STEP 1 → Detailed Info Session

We want to understand the role and your company in great detail. This allows us to fully grasp the needs of your team but also the kinds of details candidates will want to know before they make a move to a new organization like yours. 

STEP 2 → Search

Our recruitment experts will leverage their deep networks to seek out the right candidates for the role and your organizational culture. We’ll build a pool of candidates and begin screening so that your time is well spent reviewing the best contenders.

STEP 3 → Shortlist Review

Once we have a pool that we’re confident you’ll love that’s when we’ll meet to review the candidate shortlist and explain how they will fit your needs.

STEP 4 → Client Appraisal

From here it’s all about getting face time with those candidates who you are especially excited about. We’ll arrange interviews so that you can narrow down who fits the bill. We also love to get feedback throughout this process so that we can more deeply understand how our candidates are measuring up to your expectations and needs.

STEP 5 → Negotiation & Offer Completion

When you’ve selected your ideal candidate we’ll work with you to negotiate terms and quickly get your candidate signing on the dotted line.

STEP 6 → Debrief & Follow-Up

Once we’ve placed your candidate we always want to debrief about how you found the process and any feedback you have for how we can improve upon our search for next time. At this time we’ll also be following up with the selected candidate as they onboard and get settled in to ensure that both you and the employee are happy.