What's Happening at Arbutus Search
Joel Peterson

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Recruiting

How do you achieve greater diversity in Canada’s business landscape? For professional recruiter Joel Peterson, it begins with giving IBPOC youth access to higher education. Peterson, in partnership with the UBC Sauder School of Business, recently launched a financial award supporting IBPOC Bachelor of Commerce students.
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The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 4: Elevator Pitch

Tell your story in 30 seconds. This is where the elevator pitch comes in. The elevator pitch is a short, pre-prepared speech that explains what you do in a clear and succinct way. It’s meant to spark interest with your listener, and the elevator pitch should be no more than 30 seconds. The elevator pitch...
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Hire for the role, stay for the culture: why hiring for cultural fit matters

In 2019, 22% of Arbutus Search Group’s placements were promoted within 18 months of hire. We believe this is due to our unique customer-centric recruitment approach that highly values the culture match between companies and candidates.  If you are not familiar with the recruitment industry, many of our competitors in the space tend to focus...
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The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 3: LinkedIn Profile Review

3 people are hired every minute on LinkedIn Celebrating its 18th birthday in 2021, LinkedIn has since grown to become one of the world’s largest social networking platforms, and the largest business-centric platform at 738 million members. As an entirely virtual platform, LinkedIn’s impact on job seekers has substantially grown in the past year and...
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Cover Letter Creation Module is Now Live!

The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 2: Cover Letter Creation

It’s been asked time and time again: is it even worth writing a cover letter? (the answer is yes)
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The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Introduction: Planting the Seed

Introducing: The Arbutus Candidate Training Program. Learn what the course is about, what it offers for job seekers, and our future plans.
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A Candidate’s Perspective: What 2020 Taught Me

My name is Giulia (pronounced Julia), and I was born in Italy, hence the unusual spelling.  I moved to Vancouver about 6 years ago. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Diploma in Business Administration Sales and Marketing. Since moving to Vancouver, I have worked in fashion, events management, marketing, and administration. Despite...
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The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 1

The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Module 1: Building a Stand-Out Resume

We know life gets busy, so we designed a self-serve e-learning program that allows you to fit it into your life on your terms.
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Patrick Chow

Stuck in a rut and can’t get up, now what?

A cancelled graduation, reduction in job prospects, and increased uncertainty about his family's job prospects were just a few of the hurdles our intern Patrick had to now deal with. Learn about the steps he took to overcome these struggles.
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