The Arbutus Candidate Training Program – Introduction: Planting the Seed

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“Start. The rest is easy.”

George W. Jenkins

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Who Is This Course For?

Part 3: What Will I Gain From This Course?

Part 4: How Is This Course Different?

Part 5: Building a Stand-Out Resume Overview

Part 6: What’s Next?


By clicking on this blog post, you’ve made a conscious decision to work towards your career goals, and are taking steps to make it a reality. Whether it’s looking for advice on how to position yourself for a role in your target industry, applying for your dream job but don’t know where to start, or if you’re looking to make a career change, we’re here to help you achieve these goals. 

The Arbutus Candidate Training Program is a comprehensive online course which covers every aspect of landing your dream job all in one package. Available from the comfort and safety of your own home, this self-paced course goes in-depth on the following topics:

More importantly: How is this different from all the other online resume courses? Is this course right for me? What will I get out of the course? These are questions we repeatedly asked ourselves as we were creating the course, and here’s our response:


1. New Grads

NEW GRADS: Recent graduates or those looking for their first entry level positions who have never formally received training in any or all of the above modules to jumpstart them on the right path. Choosing the ‘best’ first job really does matter, so this course ensures fresh grads have a plan in place when they start their job search.

2. Career Changers

CAREER CHANGERS: If you’re already a professional a few years into your career, and are considering a shift or career change, this course provides the framework and tool set needed to polish up your resume and interview skills to standout from other candidates. If you haven’t done an interview in years, or are figuring out how to break into an unrelated industry, this course provides a refresher of the foundations so you can pivot into something you REALLY are passionate about.

3. The Growers

THE GROWERS: Those who are looking for that extra ‘uumph’ to add to their existing resume and cover letter to bring it to the next level can find it here. Each module starts off broad and explains the importance of each topic before diving into the specific details that will get you hired. This course offers everyone a way to further elevate their interview and resume writing skills to have the most efficient and productive job search.


TIME: The Arbutus Candidate Training Program saves you the effort of aimlessly scrolling through pages upon pages of links by providing every single step of the job application process into a single course. It can act as the core to how you go about your job search, or a supplement to your current method of research, depending on your needs. 

MONEY: After taking this course you’ll have more confidence asking for the salary you deserve and will see larger annual salary increases.

‘YES’: Applying a combination of all the takeaways from the modules will get you that ‘YES’ that we’re all hoping for. A proper job search will lead you to something you know you’ll be motivated and passionate about. A polished resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn will leave that impactful first impression. Expanding your network and giving a strong elevator pitch might just get you that recommendation. At the very core, this course is made to get you to that ‘YES’.


Among the countless job search resources available online and offline, we’d like to refer you back to the purpose of Arbutus Search Group:

“Offer the most customer centric recruitment services available while positively impacting the lives of our clients.”

Arbutus Search Group holds true to this statement, and this newly launched course is no exception. The Arbutus team of recruitment professionals have meticulously designed a course leveraging our more than 2 decades of recruitment experience that will get you a job faster.  

The program is backed by Joel Peterson, the founder and CEO of Arbutus Search Group. Joel brings over 13 years of recruitment experience, and is one of Vancouver’s most trusted recruiters. His experience includes 8+ years of in-house corporate recruitment leadership delivery, combined with 5 more years’ experience working with recruitment agencies.

With experience spanning roles in marketing, communications, program management, IT, engineering, finance, sales and HR, Joel has combined his ability to understand key performance indicators, humanistic approach to hiring, ability to assess talent, and integrated it into this course. With over 3,200 hires under his belt, we guarantee the expertise of Joel and the entire team at Arbutus are behind every word of the Candidate Training Program.


With all of the above out of the way, we’d like to formally introduce you to the first module: Building a Stand-Out Resume 

Here we really break it down and dissect every part of the resume. It’s chocked full of frameworks, examples, downloadable resources, and links to leave you with a personalized resume that not only looks good, but more importantly succinctly communicates your value to the reader.


This course was driven by a combination of desires:

  • Support job seekers affected by the pandemic
  • Provide a more accessible resume course online for those in need of the expertise 
  • Reach a broader audience of job seekers, career changers, and those seeking to improve their resume and interview skills
  • Help people achieve their dream jobs

Building a Stand-Out Resume is only the first part of this journey. With its launch and the rest of the modules planned to be gradually released throughout the upcoming weeks, we hope you’ll join us and take the next step to reaching YOUR career goals. 

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